[our vision]

Never content with the ‘now’, the Scott Carver vision is to go beyond our imaginations to create the future… of memorable places where communities prosper.

We live in a constantly changing world!

  • tech speed acceleration
  • globally connected, big data
  • trust & sharing economy
  • massively mobile, global nomads
  • end of retirement
  • work life shift
  • increasing city density
  • sustainable demands
  • resources under pressure.
[our purpose]

To connect people through design, with the ultimate ambition of making our cities more liveable.

Creating the future for the next generation will require a massive paradigm shift. Our job is to advocate for change; invest in global benchmarking; embrace the opportunity to contribute to and leverage academic research; enhance our strategic partnerships; and bring the clever thinking, planning and design, tools and methodologies needed to achieve this vision.

[our philosophy]

To integrate the peculiarity of place + space, across all disciplines and every project, from the extra small to the extra large.

think a small space
the whole building
in the context of its locality
in the context of the city
Every architectural, interior, landscape or urban design challenge is an opportunity for a place to be created or recreated.
We aim to generate a sustainable and specific, context based approach to exemplary design that reveals and realises cultural, climatic and physical patterns and opportunities, establishing intrinsic connections across urban contexts.
Our core place metrics are:
A fundamental element that we, as designers, can influence.
One of the primary attributes to making desirable, liveable spaces.
The key driver for successful outcomes that connect people and commerce.
[our approach]

Scott Carver is proudly a Sydney centric design studio, exporting our design expertise globally.

We are inspired by the urban context of our central city location, and draw upon this to hone our thinking and delivery on every project. Our proven expertise in the delivery of projects spanning residential, retail, hospitality, commercial, and the public realm, along with the methodologies we have developed, is the toolkit we bring to every opportunity.